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What is life without any patience?

Samantha Doll and A pic of me hmmmmm…. Maybe my name fits?

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My name is Sami, and I'm the type who will try anything once until it goes beyond common sense.

e.g.- Meth is an addictive and harmful drug; therefore, I never plan on trying it.

Rock climbing, water skiing, trying sushi, etc. are different experiences that I would for sure try once. In fact, maybe you could suggest something for me! :)

Currently, it is summer- thank God for that! I have a job at Subway, and I am learning piano and violin. I also play basketball. I am a starting varsity player who stands around 5' 11". I was privileged to attend Point Guard College recently. It was an amazing learning experience.

This year I am really trying to lose weight. So, recommend me any fitness pages. I really want this, so I plan on blogging pictures of motivation and my progress.

I am 17-years-young, and I'm loving life.

Hobbies: swimming, hiking, fishing, reading, dancing, singing, writing, card games, reading, endlessness. ;)

I love random messages/asks, so send me one if you'd like to chat. :)

Instagram: Patientlysam
Kik: waiting_patience
snapchat: samistone55

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